Treatment Price
EAR AND NOSE PIERCING ( Please note this is done with the gun not the needle)
  1. Ear Lobes – 1st, 2nd and 3rd’s  – age restriction 4 years old (Please bring the childs Red Book to prove all inoculations have been given)
  2. Top of Ear                              – age restriction 14 years
  3. Nose                                      – age restriction 14 years
from £25.00
(top of ear bars £3.00, eyebrow bars £3.00, Labrets £4.00, Belly bars from £5.00, earrings £8.00)
from £3.00
If you appear younger than the age required for your desired piercing, you will be asked to prove your age through a form of photographic identification. The forms of ID I accept include a driving licence, passport and cards featuring the PASS logo.  Parental consent is required for children (under the age of 16 years) to have a piercing completed, you will need to accompany them to the Salon.  Please advise me if you are diabetic.